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Our Classes

Reiki Level 1 Certification
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Ashtanga/Yin with meditation 


Call/text Bonnie to book your class at 607-282-6365

Aerial Yoga


4 person class limit (5 with teacher)

Our Classes



Ashtanga/Yin with meditation 


Call/text Bonnie to book your class at 607-282-6365

Aerial Yoga


4 person class limit (5 with teacher)



Aerial 101 High/Low Class
Register ahead with Vanessa/Bonnie
to reserve silk by phone/text


Single Private Yoga Class


Call/Text/Email to pre-register for all classes.
Bonnie 607-282-6365


Fit To Be Tied Yoga offers a wide variety of classes for you to consider. By all means, try several and see which fits your style!

Book your class, please call/text first















Yoga Basics


This class is appropriate for all levels of physical ability— we believe yoga is meant to be tailored to the student, not the other way around. So whether you’re looking to begin a vigorous yoga practice, get some simple stress relief, or receive the deep healing this practice can provide, this class will help you begin your yoga journey safely and with confidence.

Class begins with an opening meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) standing poses, strengthening poses, balances and deep stretching. We finish up with a 10 minute guided relaxation called Savasana. This is a delicious class that is not to be missed!

All are welcome—come find the joy of yoga


Back Care Basics


This practical approach to effectively handling back pain is done through gentle yoga postures, exercise routines, relaxation techniques, and breath work. With the proper balance of spinal movement in all directions and avoiding postural positions that are harmful to the back such as improper sitting, bending, and lifting.

Applying these principles will assist you in strengthening and overcoming pain in:

- The lower back
- Shoulder and neck
- Upper and mid back

- Spinal area and sciatica

Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
Movement naturally lubricates the spinal column.
Be prepared to move, stretch, and breathe.


Chair Yoga


Chair yoga benefits those who have a physical condition that requires them to exercise on a chair such as arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, MS, Parkinsons disease, osteoporosis or stroke.

Chair yoga is an excellent form of yoga and exercise for those who just do not want to get down on the floor, yet desire the same results and benefits of traditional yoga.


Creative Flow


Kripalu style/creative flow classes combine postures, breath work, inner focus and personal awareness.

Classes explore the release of blocked energy and the integration of breath and motion.

The Kripalu experience is centered upon knowing the body while achieving balance of mind. Music may be used to enhance the flow of the class.







“Being at home in ourselves”

Applying the Buddhist techniques of watching the mind, recognizing our habits, and opening our hearts, while cultivating inner and outer awareness. This hour long meditation practice brings the practioner to a deeper, fuller understanding of the “being at home in ourselves”. Each session will include short readings from selected teachers such as Tich Nat Hahn, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Pema Chodron & Charlotte Joko-Beck to name a few.

The studio has many pillows, chairs, a few meditation benches & yoga bolsters for your comfort. Please bring whatever you are most comfortable with.

Come to the studio 15 minutes early for a yoga stretch.


Beginner Power Yoga


This class is an intermediate approach to the full Primary Series Astanga class. We will explore sun salutes, standing and seated poses in a flowing style connecting movement and breath. This energetic practice will bring up heat, encourage deep breathing and allow you to slow down and listen to your body.

You will be instructed how to adapt yoga postures to suit your bodies needs. Find deep relaxation and peace of mind with this ancient approach to balancing effort with surrender.


Prenatal Class


In this class you will be practicing postures that are specifically designed to comfort, stretch, and strengthen you through the three stages of pregnancy while ultimately preparing you for childbirth. Focus on breath and guided visualization will help you move more easily into your postures. A relaxing, comfortable state of being is achieved as you bring your body, mind & spirit into harmony.


Primary Series


Ashtanga, 126 poses, moderate sequential, flowing, Pranayama, heated room (75 degrees), relaxation

Level of Intensity = challenging

The true power of yoga lies in letting go of control and honoring where you are in each moment. To move gently towards your breath and have the patience to be transformed. This power yoga class allows you to discover the deeper truths that are revealed. You will experience:

- Deep Ujjaii breath work
- A challenging flow of asana (poses) that will heat your body and build strength and balance
- The important and essential principles of alignment
- Nurturing hands-on adjustments


Vinyasa Flow


Instructors infuse moderately paced classes with their own unique style and expression pulling from a wide range of studies and influences.

Classes explore different aspects of asana practice through dynamic sequences of postures and the linking of breath to movement. Music may be used to enhance the flow of the class.

Level of Intensity = moderate


Fit To Be Tied Yoga Aerial Classes


Aerial Yoga - This style of yoga is done in a soft fabric hammock elevated above the ground about 3 or 4 feet. In contrast to a traditional yoga class where we use strength to hold our poses. Aerial yoga is about learning how to let go within the posture. The hammock is used to make inversions more accessible by alleviating back and neck compression. It also aligns the spine and decompresses the joints of the body.


Aerial classes combine elements of yoga, aerobics, pilates, and acrobatics to produce an entirely new spin on the physical aspects of yoga postures. The hammock differs from traditionally utilized props in that the entire class is practiced in tandem with the swing. From the start of class to relaxation, the hammocks are props that are never put away, all of the poses in an aerial yoga class are modified to include the support of the swing.What an authentic exploration of Leela this practice could be! In Sanskrit, Leela is the universal play of consciousness, that aspect of joyful abandon that lies in each and every situation, the game of life.


In fact, Leela is life itself free of all constraints, limitations and illusions. It is the field in which we play out our roles in life to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose. Sometimes we struggle to find the freedom and fun in our everyday situations. Even in our yoga practice, we can become so serious and determined that we miss the bigger picture of joy that is the gift of the practice. In an aerial yoga class you will hear students shout, scream and they are just having a lot of fun! There are a few contraindications to aerial yoga, similar to those of inversions.


People who suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure or glaucoma shouldn’t practice it. But for all of the many people who suffer from neck or back problems that have prevented them from pursuing a yoga practice in the past, aerial yoga might be the answer. The traction that this practice provides allows freedom of center and eliminates the spinal compression that can occur in a traditional class.


Aerial yoga may not take the place of traditional yoga classes, but it can bring balance to your practice. The principles of balance and core integration that are the major focuses of this style of yoga can help to develop deeper strength and balance that you can apply to a more traditional practice. So come try an aerial yoga class and let it speak for itself.


Hip Openers And The Back


Essentially every asana (yoga pose) will address the mobility of the hips in one way or another. The physical goal of working with hip openers is one of increased strength and increased range of motion in and around the joint. The hip joint is the meeting place of the legs and the pelvis: the merging of the lower half of the body with the upper half. Using our legs, we connect with the earth, we move about, we take ourselves forward in time and on our path in life. The pelvis holds the sacrum and tailbone, securing in place the base of our spine. From a strong and stable pelvic foundation, the spine can rise and lengthen. These basics will help strengthen, align and open the back muscles in a way that is safe and comfortable.


Yin Yoga

This style of yoga is the best of both worlds when it comes to deep stretching and meditation. All the poses are seated or lying down and we use lots of props. Blankets, pillows and bolsters help us to get as comfortable in each pose as possible. From there we literally just hang out in the posture for up to 5 minutes!

It is meditative, in that you consciously move deeper into each breath and watch as each breath drops you deeper into the pose. This style of yoga brings you to a place that goes deeper than muscular tension. We go past muscle and start to journey deep into the fascia, cell tissue, connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Muscles are the first thing to stretch, so we need to hang out in each posture and wait for the body to move past the muscle.


This happens all by itself, all you do is hold the posture in a relaxed position (thus the props) and focus on the breath. You will journey deeper than you ever have in any other yoga class. The many benefits of this type of yoga are deep relaxation, decompression of the joints including the vertebrae in the back and neck area and a connection with the breath. Yin Yoga teaches us to be still, promoting our own growth, it helps us to clear energetic blockages and enhances circulation. It is the feminine form of yoga. It promotes compassion within ourselves for ourselves.Many students say that it feels like they just received a massage when the class is over. An overall sense of well being, and spaciousness in the body/mind are some of the feelings we get from this class.

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